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Option register OPTIO™ contains a register and tools to manage people and options in different share and option plans of your company. By using OPTIO™, different options can be given to specific people in a plan. Options in a new plan can be allocated to different business units which in turn can distribute them to employees in that unit. The distribution of options can be monitored by these business units.

There can be several time frames when options in a plan can be changed to shares. Options can be cancelled if the employee does not fulfill the terms of the plan. Cancelled options can then be reused and given to new employees.

The total amount of options is usually decided in the annual general meeting. After that it is the responsibility of the board of directors to allocate options to different units or to employees in different units. These employees and options are then registered in the option register.

Using OPTIO™ makes it easy to add and options, and to send news sheets and guides to employees in a plan either by e-mail or by paper mail. The language of the employee can be taken into account in mailings.

One requirement in the option plans is that the person must be an employee of the company and stay in the company for a certain amount of time. OPTIO™ makes it easy to check an employee's status using current employee files from the HR department.

At the same time, the employees' basic information can be updated from the HR files. Employees can sell or change their options to shares when the time frame is open.

OPTIO™ contains a full history of options. This is required for inquiries and for tax and financial authorities.

The business units can monitor their allocations and redistribute cancelled options to new people.

Information in OPTIO™ is linked with the insider register ILMO™, so information of people that are also public insiders is shown on your company's website on the insider pages.