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Shareholder Meeting System OSKOKO

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Shareholder or member meetings can be challenging events to organize. Proper professional tools are vital for the success of these events. Oskari's meeting management system OSKOKO™ is just the tool for it. Its capacity is suitable for meetings with up to thousands of representatives.

OSKOKO™ can be used in a local network built at the meeting place or as a cloud service. Calculation of the votes with barcodes is fast and reliable. It is easy to calculate votes for different voting choices.

The internet module OSKOKO-www is used for pre-registration to the meeting on your company's website as a frame or as a separate page in different languages.

  • OSKOKO contains:

  • pre-registration to the meeting by an internet form, by phone, by e-mail and by mail
  • pre-voting instructions (for nominee registered owners)
  • registration at the meeting venue
  • printing public or secret voting tickets with barcodes
  • printing representative lists at the start of the meeting
  • registration of representatives during the meeting
  • calculation of votes taking into account the different limits and producing the result of the vote
  • several statistics and reports before and during the meeting