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Oskari-OK-Net: A Complete Solution for Shareholder Management

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Oskari-OK-Net™ is a complete solution for the management of company shareholders, shares/stocks, book-entry shares, shareholder meetings, options and insider information. It also contains internet modules to show investor information on your website. Oskari-OK-Net is suitable for private companies, public companies, and cooperatives.

Oskari-OK-Net™ fulfills the needs of users and regulations in European Union.

Oskari-OK-Net offers user-friendly tools in different areas of ownership management. These tools make it easy to access required information for the company itself and to display it on the company's investor website. The investor pages can be displayed in different languages.

In terms of public companies, the share transaction information is gathered from the central securities depositories. For private companies the share transaction information is registered easily in-house. The information needs to only be inserted into the system once. This reduces costs and errors.

Oskari-OK-Net™ contains an ownership management database and the integrated modules to use it. You can choose the necessary modules to start, and add modules as needed.

The modules are introduces below with links to more detail. Oskari and Oskari-OK contain an additional module for calculation of dividend and tax and payment to beneficiaries as SEPA payments using their BIC and IBAN information.

Shareholder Register Oskari

The shareholder register Oskari™ makes it easy to keep a shareholder register in private companies and cooperatives. Using Oskari, your company can move on from paper shares/stocks to electronic shares. Oskari calculates dividends according to shares for all shareholders. It has modules to calculate withholding tax, take care of pre-tax withholding and make SEPA format files to pay dividends to the dividend recipients. Oskari also makes files to the tax authority of all dividends distributed to beneficiaries.

Oskari can make lists of shareholders, shares and dividends for the company. Oskari can produce a certification of shares, a certification of share transactions and a certification of dividends. Oskari contains an electronic archive for each shareholder and each share. This makes it easy to archive important documents and link them to the proper shareholder and proper share. The company can display its owners on its website.

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Shareholder Register Oskari-OK

Shareholder register Oskari-OK™ is for companies and cooperatives that are using book-entry shares and have moved their shares and certificates to a book-entry depository. With Oskari-OK the company can keep the shareholder register in their own hands. Oskari-OK can be set to import share transaction information from book-entry depositories automatically.

The company's shareholder register is always up to date with automatic synchronization. This gives the company the possibility to show up to date investor information on the company website's investor pages on the internet. Oskari-OK has tools to group shareholders in clans and check for possible cornering situations. Oskari-OK contains extensive statistics about shareholders and shares.

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Shareholder Meeting System OSKOKO

OSKOKO™ is the tool that takes care of all preparations for the shareholder meetings concerning shareholders and their rights before and during the meeting. OSKOKO has proper tools for registration on the internet, via phone, e-mail, and mail. After checking the shareholder's eligibility for the meeting, they are submitted to OSKOKO as "registered for the meeting as a shareholder or a representative or assistant".

Both before and during the meeting OSKOKO can make several kinds of reports and statistical calculations based on the register. These include registered shareholders, major shareholders by shares and by votes, nominee registered shareholders, voting instruction, etc.

OSKOKO creates voting tickets for shareholders and representatives. These tickets display the amount of shares and votes and and the same information in barcodes. Results of voting are easily calculated using barcode readers.

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Insider Register ILMO

The insider register ILMO™ is a tool to keep track of proper use of your company's inside information in order to prevent misuse of that information. It is made according to the Finnish ("The Securities Market Act", chapter 5) and EU legislation. It contains tools to track shares' and securities' transactions of primary and secondary insiders and track prohibited inside information. The public insiders' information can be displayed on your insider website.

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The option register OPTIO™ contains tools for management of different option plans and their participants, options, shares and loans. With OPTIO it is easy to register options for participants, withdraw options from participants and keep track of possible loans connected to options. The option information of public insiders can be shown on your insider website.

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Investor Pages on the Internet IR-www

Using different modules in Oskari-OK-Net™, the company can add information about shareholders and changes in their ownership, shares, certificates, options and statistics concerning distribution of these to the company website. The company can also add information about public insiders and shareholder meetings. Up-to-date ownership information is vital for a company’s board, owners and investors.

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